An expertise in recruitment and staffing

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, MNXDEV offers you a multitude of solutions for your needs. Our agency takes care to analyze your resume and to propose offers compatible with your personal and professional skills. Whatever your field of expertise.

Chasseur de Talent

1 - Send us your CV :

Your CV is your entry ticket to our application platform MNXDEV on the one hand and our first point of contact with you on the other. Your contact details and personal information will only be used by us.

Proposition d'offre d'emploi

2 - Resume Diagnosis :

This is the time to take a look at your CV and analyze your background. Your studies, diplomas, extracurricular activities, associative experiences as well as your personal and professional skills. Don't hesitate to tell us all your areas of excellence because nobody can tell what will make your application stand out.

Proposition d'offre d'emploi

3 - Proposal of an Offer :

After analyzing your resume, your application will be sorted for recommendations of positions compatible with your field of expertise so that the tasks and missions you will be assigned are opportunities on the same wavelength as your career and also to give free rein to your skills.

Curious to know more about how MNXDEV can help you?

# Our Clients Testify

Because we place customer satisfaction at the heart of our business, your opinions count for us! Our agency focuses on the details of your needs and meticulously customizes its offer to meet your expectations.

# They trust us

Successful projects, satisfied customers, achievements we are proud of ! All the work we have put in place to help several clients progress in the digital world, we are ready to do it for you now!


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