A multitude of services for your progress

No matter what your role, the size of your company or your specialty, our services help you progress in the digital world..

IT Consulting and Audit

The rich history of our team in several sectors, the skills of our members as well as our analysis tools, all guarantee very relevant recommendations to conquer your market and ensure the survival of your company.

Digital transformation

Creator/integrator, IT solutions, artificial intelligence or even digital tools, our team provides all its efforts to succeed in the digital transformation of your company, whatever its size or sector.

IT development

Computer technologies (Desktop, Web, Mobile) are constantly evolving as well as the needs of companies in this area, which is why our experts can offer you their assistance full time or periodically.

Hosting and domain name

We offer you secure and reliable hosting with a large selection of packages for your brand name. Your project will be accompanied by our experts with the best infrastructures and a multitude of varied services (hosting, domain name, messaging, ...)


With our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services, you benefit from a multitude of tips, techniques and strategies to optimize your pages and place your site at the top of search engines which will strengthen your brand image and reputation.

Server infrastructure

Our experts in computer systems and network infrastructures define the technical architecture best suited to your needs, taking into account the constraints of the project, new market developments and existing information systems.

Data backup

Backup and restore all types of data on Windows, Linux and more. Our experts help you back up your database, anywhere and easily in virtual and physical environments.

IT security

Protect your IT systems, networks, and data from attack, damage, or unauthorized access with our customizable, multi-layered security solutions that are easy to manage from an on-premises or cloud-based console.

Visual identity

Your visual identity is your first contact with your customers. In the virtual or real world, its importance is crucial because it communicates your values and your expertise. It is a challenge that our team will be delighted to save you by creating a unique and unforgettable identity.

Diagnostic and analysis

Nos experts prennent le soin de concevoir l'application avant de créer l'application. Bien que la stratégie d'application ou les exigences puissent changer au cours du développement, il est plus efficace de commencer avec une conception bien définie.

Graphic design

Our artistic team is ready to make you discover our particularities by producing exceptional images. Be noticed every time, even from afar, and make your competitors blush.

# Technologies

Curious to know more about how MNXDEV can help you?

# Our Clients Testify

Because we place customer satisfaction at the heart of our business, your opinions count for us! Our agency focuses on the details of your needs and meticulously customizes its offer to meet your expectations.

# They trust us

Successful projects, satisfied customers, achievements we are proud of ! All the work we have put in place to help several clients progress in the digital world, we are ready to do it for you now!


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